20k For QLD First Home Buyers !!

👍👍昆士兰本地买家的好消息从. 7月1日起,PR或公民申请的首置业补贴已经提高到了$20,000万澳币!此政策有效期一年!🍻🍻👍👍 Great News for all first home buyers !! After this financial year! Australia PR or Citizen will received up to 20k from Govermeent Support !! And it will only last for just one year !! 🎊🎊


Author: johnsonhung

Born overseas from Taiwan, Johnson speaks fluent Mandarin and English, He work as an Property & Investment Funds consultant at his current firm and has been an Investment Funds & Property consultant for over 4 years, Property sales for over 5 years, and Hospitality for 7 years. Johnson and the Firm QICG have invest and purchase properties across various sectors, some are in healthcare, education, childcare, property development etc. Queensland Investment Consulting Group (QICG) - qicg.com.au - provides our client a range of investment projects options here in Queensland, Australia across different industrial sectors, such as medical, childcare, education, and real-estate developments.

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