Why Invest In New Home ?

New House:

New house and land

  • You can have more significant profits with the resale of your new home.
  • A newer home is typically more appealing than an older home to most people.
  • A new home will require fewer repairs and less maintenance, which can save both money and time.
  • You’ll have a warranty with a new home, so even if something does go wrong, you may still be covered.
  • A new home is more efficient, especially with the new energy codes including better HVAC [heating, ventilation and cooling], insulation and air filtration standards,
  • Better efficiency is good for the environment and can save you money on your utility bills each month.
  • A new home is less likely to have the health concerns or toxic materials of an older home – things such as asbestos, lead paint, mold, etc.
  • “Green appliances/Energy Star rated appliances, and more efficient toilets, plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures allow you to build “green” for a more sustainable home in the long run.
  • And you have the option to install, sleeve and/or wire for future technology upgrades, such as home automation and solar.
  • Tax Deduction on New house’s Depreciation each year. $10,000.
  • Potential of a Greater Capital Gain for the right Investment Projects and Locations.
  • For a brand New House & Land Packages you usually can get a 1 year Tenant Guarantee.


  • 轉賣時能賺到的利潤比舊房多和
  • 轉賣花的時間平均比舊房還來的快很多 !
  • 一個較新的房產通常比一個老式的房產對大多數人來說更具吸引力 !
  • 一個新的房產需要較少的維修和保養少,這可以節省很多不必要的時間和金錢 !
  • 你將有一個新的房屋的保障,因此,即使之後你的房產有任何的問題,你仍然還是在新房的保障之中 !
  • 新的房產更有效率,特別是新能源代碼,包括更好的室內溫度調節 [冬天保暖, 通風 , 和夏天涼爽],隔離和空氣過濾標準,提高效率和環保節能,更可以每個月為您節省水電費的錢 !
  • 一個新的家是不太可能有健康問題或有毒材料的問題,如石棉,鉛塗料,模具等 “綠色家電/能源之星額定電器,和更有效的廁所,管道設備和電氣裝置允許您構建一個環保節能的家,從長遠來看是個更可持久的房產 !
  • 而且你可以要求安裝,線路或網線為未來的技術升級,如家庭自動化系同或太陽能板的選項 !
  • 每年新的房屋折舊稅可減免平均 $ 10,000 !
  • 一個更大的資本收益潛力在一個適當的投資項目和位置 !
  • 對於一個全新的房子和土地包你通常可以得到1年的租戶保證 !

Older Houseolder home

  • High Maintenance on On-Going Cost
  • No warranty if something goes wrong
  • Health Concerns
  • No House Depreciation for tax purposes each year
  • No Guarantee of your tenants
  • Less Rental Return from your Tenants
  • The value of the property will not increase as much as some other developing areas in the Long-Term


  • 成本高昂持續性的維護
  • 沒有保障,如果出現房屋出了任何問題
  • 有可能會有健康問題在建材當中
  • 沒有房子的折舊,每年沒辦法抵稅
  • 您的租戶和租金無擔保
  • 較少的租金回報
  • 該屬性的升值不會比其他一些發展中地區的升值還快, 從長期來看



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