Our new division QICG Capital at Queensland Investment Consulting Group located level 54, 111 eagle street brisbane city is now launched.

Our vision is to help all small, medium, large investors around the world, who is looking to grow or expand their investment portfolio here in Queensland, Australia with us.

For more information please visit: https://www.qicg.com.au/investment/qicg-capital

Or email us at info@qicg.com.au or call 1300 002 880.

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At QICG we help consult with all your medical centre realestate related investment.

At QICG we help consult with all your medical centre realestate related investment.

We have team specialise in commercial healthcare realestate and Medical centres under managements.

For more info about why investing in health care realestate here in Queensland, please read our online article: https://www.qicg.com.au/article/the-indisputable-reasons-to-invest-in-healthcare-real-estate

For other services please visit QICG.com.au

Or email us at info@qicg.com.au. Phone: 1300 002 880

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At QICG we help our client Investing in Aged Care Facilities & Retirement Villages

In the 2021 budget, landmark investments in aged care were recently announced, with the government pledging an additional$17.7 billion invested in Aged Care. The funding includes $10 per resident per day for providers to help them provide better care.


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Why Invest in Queensland Australia?

Why Invest in Queensland Australia?

Queensland Australia, popularly known as the country’s Sunshine State. Numerous economy experts dubbed Queensland as the best place to invest property in the whole country right now. This can be attributed to the tight rental market and a lack of housing for a rapidly growing population. These are the right ingredients needed for the perfect property investment.

In this article, we’re going to look at Queensland Australia, and why you should invest in its properties. We’ll dive into what factors make Queensland a great investment, see all the pros it has to offer. Read on to find out more!

Full Article: https://www.qicg.com.au/article/why-invest-in-queensland-australia

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reserve at 1.2M. Sold at 1.395M 🍻👌

Congrats to our client with our property sales channel partner using the online live bidding system – reserve at 1.2M. Sold at 1.395M 🍻👌 – 99 Pine Street Runcorn QLD.

May the corporate workplace rest in peace

May the corporate workplace rest in peace

In a post-brand age enterprises are re-evaluating their real estate to create a visceral brand presence.

If a majority of desk-based work can be done from home, what does that mean for the corporate workplace? Far from being defunct, companies are looking to their formal headquarters with fresh eyes, viewing space as a tool for personal engagement, connecting with people through a very visceral kind of brand presence. We are entering an age of branded workplace design.


The Indisputable Reasons to Invest in Healthcare Real Estate

With a significant downturn in the economy, finding a rock-solid investment can be a little tricky. One such sector that is bucking the prevalent trend for many investors is medical centre & healthcare real estate.

The health sector in Australia makes up approximately 10 per cent of GDP(GrossDomestic Product). It is one of the industries that is growing despite the upheaval in the current global market.

Strong indications of continual growth can be observed on the back of an ageing population, longer life expectancy, substantial government healthcare subsidies and a general increase in the demand for medical services.


Why Investment in Childcare Makes Sense

Why Investment in Childcare Makes Sense –

The childcare industry has enjoyed one of the fastest growths of all commercial real estate investment assets in recent years.

The central pillars contributing to its substantial growth include; high investor demand, growing demand for additional locations, and strong, continuing government subsidies.


What you need to know if you’re buying your first home in Brisbane

Open homes across Brisbane are filling out each weekend as young people flock to the property market in the largest numbers since the GFC.

While the nation slugs through the deepest recession in a century Reserve Bank Governor Robert Lowe says now is the time to get on first rung of property ladder because “interest rates are low, they’re going to stay low”.


The One Residences Brisbane in Brisbane Quarter👌🎡 View.

The One Residences Brisbane in Brisbane Quarter👌🎡 View.